April 4, 2012

Simple choice

America is at a crossroads. The media and the political class would have you believe that the issues we face are very complicated and should be left up to those "in the know." They want us to remain ignorant, apathetic and uninvolved in our own governance, but that is directly opposed to the concept of America on which we were founded. In that America we are each wholly responsible for our own governance.

Our choice is really quite simple. Do we want to be responsible for ourselves or do we want everyone else to be responsible or us? Do we want to make our own decisions or do we want to let others make our decisions for us? It really is that easy.

The idea that we are polarized along party lines is a fallacy. We are polarized between individualism and collectivism and most of the population, including me until relatively recently, don't even realize that the issue is as simple as that.

Individualism is often framed as selfishness, but that is an inaccurate assertion. Even many Christians and church leaders are under the impression that being our "brother's keeper" translates into a collectivist mindset. The truth however, is that individualism, or personal responsibility is at the very core of God's plan as laid out in the bible. God gave us all free will and with that freedom comes a great deal of responsibility. Those of us who are Christians believe that God leaves the decision to seek Him up to each individual. He does not order the church to go out and forcibly save the lost for the "greater good." In fact, Jesus stated that the two greatest commandments are to Love God and Love your neighbor. To love anything is a strictly personal action. No government, dictator, emperor or President can compel a human to "love" another. Therefore the collectivist mindset, which throughout history has without fail ended in tyranny and oppression, is the opposite of natural law because forced charity is not charity at all.

The question we face as Americans is, do we want to hand our children a system where they are free to be responsible, thoughtful, loving, charitable, self governing citizens, or do we want to relinquish liberty and allow our children to be taken captive by runaway government spending, debt and the fallacy that Socialism just has to be tried by the right people. I for one will spend the rest of my time here trying to preserve their God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.